Impossible List

What is an impossible list? It’s a list of tasks we dream of accomplishing in our lives but give up on them since they are ‘too ambitious’ or ‘too difficult’. Here I want you to think. Who is deciding what’s too ambitious or difficult and what’s not? Is it your friends, your family, your boss, your teacher, your BF/GF/spouse, your financial/physical/mental conditions? Nope. It’s you. Every time you allow yourself the room to settle for mediocrity, you are killing those big dreams that you have 100% ability to achieve. So you need to list those impossible tasks and then go at them, one at a time. And if you keep working towards them, just like Napoleon, you will find out that nothing actually is impossible.

These are the tasks that seemed impossible to me at the moment I thought of them, and I want to accomplish as many of them as I can.

Yes, some of them are very difficult. That’s why they are called impossible. I guess it’s like a safety net: since the tasks are already impossible; if you fail to complete them, you don’t have to beat yourself up about it. At least, I’m happy that I tried.

(Most of the goals were set on February 3, 2016, and revised on April 5, 2016. I have set deadlines for the one I saw fit, but the rest have a soft deadline of December 31, 2017.)


  1. Write up goals for the next day on 20 consecutive days (and make this a daily habit) Best so far: 4 days
  2. Write at least 10 minutes for 20 consecutive days Best so far: 4 days
  3. Read 12 English books in 2016 (6 Done)
  4. Read 12 Bengali books in 2016 (12 Done, June, 2016)
  5. Read 24 Bengali books within June 2016 to December 2017 (12 so far)


  1. Write and post 4 sci-fi stories within 2017
  2. Re-launch the Blog
  3. Write 5 Book reviews and 5 Movie reviews in 2016
  4. Write 10,000 words in Januray, 2017
  5. Post 4 blogs in January, 2017

Digital Marketing:

  1. Learn Photoshop & Illustrator
  2. Finish ‘Introduction to Public Speaking’ course on Coursera (2 assignments due)
  3. Get a job in the field of Digital Advertising/Advertising
  4. Get Google Adwords Certification


  1. Maintain 3.5 CGPA in IBA
  2. Organize iTalks (Renamed it to ‘Spotlight’, took place on April 28, 2016)
  3. Organize Freshers’ 2016
  4. Organize MBA Picnic 2016


  1. Upload 20 videos from January to July, 2016 (14 so far) (failed)
  2. Get 1000 subscribers by October, 2016 (70 so far)
  3. Get 5000 likes on Facebook Page by October, 2016 (440 so far)
  4. Get 100K Views for a Single Video (2,700+ so far)
  5. Upload 15 Videos in August, 2016 (failed)
  6. Upload 5 Videos in October, 2016



  1. Get down to 71 KG (currently 76, best: 72 KG)
  2. Work out for 15 minutes for 20 days straight (Best: 11 Day streak)
  3. 600 Pushups in a Month (Best so far: 200)
  4. 6 pull ups in a row (Best so far: 2.5)
  5. 100 Pull ups in a month (Best so far: 50)
  6. 5,000 Jump Ropes in a month (May, 2016) Current goal (10,000)

Renaissance Man:

  1. Finish 1 course in Coursera on Programming
  2. Finish 1 course in Coursera on English Writing+1+1+1
  3. Learn about playing Scale and Chord Progression in Guitar
  4. Finish a course on Cinematography (Finished on June, online course on
  5. Finish a course on Photography
  6. Start learning a different language (starting from 2017 or later)
  7. Finish 5 courses in Coursera in 2016 (3 down, 2 WIP)
  8. Finish a course on Neuro Linguistic Programming
  9. Write a computer program  (on scratch)


  1. Spend 1 week without Facebook
  2. Spend 3 days without any food, just water
  3. Spend 1 day without phone
  4. Spend 2 weeks without watching any video
  5. Read for two entire days without doing anything else
  6. Write 10,000 words in one day (6,000 so far)


  1. Finish Quran Recital twice in 2016 (in 15th chapter currently, 1st Recital of ‘16)
  2. Pray an entire day’s salat with the jamat
  3. Don’t miss a single waqt of Prayer within 7 days (18 Days during Ramadan, June 6-June 24
    New target: 20 Days (current streak: 2 days)



Travel (For 2016):

  1. Visit USA (11th March, 2016)
  2. Organize Batch Trip (To Sazek, February, 2016)
  3. Visit Birishiri
  4. Visit Bhutan
  5. Climb Highest Peak of Bangladesh

‘Hudai’ AKA ‘Amar iccha hoise tai’ list:

  1. Memorize the New Periodic Table (Only 6 so far)
  2. Record and upload I Got A Name
  3. Record and upload Had to Say I Love You
  4. Record and upload Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright
  5. Record and upload all the impressions I can
  6. Record and upload More Than Words


Inspired from the original idea of Joel Runyon, check blog, and got to learn it from Thomas Frank’s blog.