Art exists in this world to inspire us. Art allows us to look at our lives with different perspectives. Art takes inspiration from events and people around us and allows us to take a fresh look at it. And in today’s world, digital artists are providing us with that opportunity right on the palm of our hand.

While many of us Bangladeshis keep liking and sharing Pascal Campion Art’s photos, do we know our own champions? Here is a list of 11 Bangladeshi Digital Artists that you should definitely check out (Ranked in order of their FB Page likes. This rank has nothing to do with the quality of their work. Also, I don’t know the real people behind some of the pages. If you do, let me know and I’ll update accordingly):


  1. Tanmoy Cartoons:

    He is one of the most famous cartoonists of the country, and for a good reason. His work comprises of cartoons interacting with each other and satirizing the social behavior of our people. Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy is also known for drawing caricatures of public figures showing their achievements or poking fun at their actions. Sometimes he will surprise you by breaking his personal style and drawing something that is totally different.

    Bangladeshi Digital Artists Facebook

    Bangladeshi Digital Artists Facebook


    Click to See More Work From Tanmoy Cartoons

  2. Artist Asim’s Creation:

    Asim Chandra Roy is an expert at drawing caricatures, which portray a liveliness and comic element of the subject’s character. Besides caricatures, he also draws portraits and sketches which are a wonder to look at.
    Digital Artists Bangladesh Facebook ashim-roy

    Click to see Asim’s Works
    Link to his 2nd page



  3. Royalerchobi:

    Check out this page for a fine blend of typography and thematic interpretation of the text involved. This is a page that can have you scratching your head a little and stare with amazement at the thought of how someone can come up with such ideas.

    Bangladeshi Digital Artists Facebook Bangladeshi Digital Artists Facebook
    See More Works of Royalerchobi

  4. Mehedi Haque Cartoons:

    This page, which showcases the caricatures, cartoons and some of the comic strips/books done by the famous cartoonist of Dhaka Comics and New Age, Mehedi Haque. Often in his works, there is a reflection of Bangladeshi socio-political developments.

    Bangladeshi Digital Artists Facebook Bangladeshi Digital Artists Facebook
    Click Here to Visit Mehedi Haque Cartoons 

  5. Arts By Rats

    Arts by Rats features the work of Asifur Rahman, the page has cartoon portraits and some stories told using comic that make us question ourselves about our decisions and choices in life in this day and age. Asif has a unique way of capturing emotion in his subjects and using the background to amplify them.

    Bangladeshi Digital Artists Facebook Bangladeshi Digital Artists Facebook
     I Want to See Arts By Rats Page

  6. Morshed Mishu’s Illustration

    This page can be treated as an homage to the talented, successful and famous people of Bangladesh. Morshed Mishu certainly has an eye for capturing the character and personalities of his subjects in his illustrations.

    14446029_1789845107956645_5070218678589127519_nDigital Artists Bangladesh Facebook

    Click here to check out Morshed Mishu’s Illustration

  7. Cartoon People

    Cartoon people is an introspective look at the artistic self. Spend a few minutes here and you can get a feel of what it is like to be an artist.

    Take me to Cartoon People


  8. Saurav’s ArtStash

    Saurav’s work is a unique blend of different techniques of paintings. That is where his works get their unique look from, with every subject or character drawn with tuned emotion which tells us a lot about how they are feeling.
    Digital Artists Bangladesh FacebookDigital Artists Bangladesh Facebook

    It’s Worth Checking Out Saurav’s ArtStash

  9. Drogo

    More people need to know about Drogo. This is an internationally acclaimed work done by the cartoonist brothers Manik-Ratan. Drogo is the ‘imaginary pet of Manik-Ratan’, a character who is seen interacting with real life objects. The possibility of storytelling with such a vibrant, cute and full of life character is endless. That’s why stories with Drogo are always unique and wierdly, satisfying.

    Digital Artists Bangladesh

    Check Drogo in Action here!

Bonus: Prosun’s Portfolio

Even though this post is about digital artists, these artists also need a mention. Prosun’s Portfolio is about detailed oil paintings, sketches and portraits. You can spend so much time just appreciating differents aspects of a single piece of his artwork.

Link to
 Prosun’s Portfolio

Bonus: Inksmith

A little different from the rest, Inksmith is about the journey of characters Inksmith, Ember, Tag (Panda) and Peanut (Huskey). The detail of the sketches are noteworthy and the anime-esque human characters along with the lively animals really have created a very unique look and feel to it.

Digital Artists Bangladesh Facebook
Link to Inksmith



Bonus: Riokiddo

Riokiddo offers a sarcastic look the Bangladeshi society with simplistic cartoons.

Bangladeshi Digital Artists Facebook Bangladeshi Digital Artists Facebook

Link to Riokiddo’s Page



To see work of more Bangladeshi digital artists who might lack in Facebook likes but certainly not talent, click here.



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